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North Florida Snake Removal Services

Most snakes in Florida if left alone . The problem I find is that many just won’t leave them alone or have fears so great of snakes that sometimes we simply remove snakes for piece of mind. We remove poisonous or venomous snakes such as our many rattle snakes, coral snake , copperhead and water moccasins.

We also remove non-venomous snakes like coach whip snakes, Black racer Snakes, Eastern Hog Nose Snakes, Common Rat Snakes and Gopher Snakes. We also remove and are experienced  in SW Florida with many  non -native snakes like the boa constrictors, pythons, and their reptile cousins the  iguanas, monitor lizards and other exotic reptiles.

We are available for hire in the following Florida Counties Alachua, Columbia, Gilchrist, and Suwanee Counties.

We will service locations near :

Alachua, Archer, Bell, Branford, Brooker, Cheifland, Columbia City, Fanning Springs, Gainesville, Hague, Hawthorne,  Jonesville,  La Crosse,  Lake Butler, Lake City, Live Oak, Mayo, Micanopy, Newberry,  Providence, Olustee,  Otter Springs, Trenton, Watermelon Park, White Springs, Williston, Worthington Springs

Snake Trapping Services:

Concerned about large population of snakes in and around your Gainesville home?

We provide two basic snake services:

1. Snake Removal & Pick Up. We will spend up to 1.5 hours of time looking for snakes on your property pick them up with our snake removal tongs & snake removal hooks. We charge a service call, plus a cost per snake removed and a venomous snakes handling fee .

2. Regular Snake Trapping  Program:

We  will set up six “Specially Baited” traps that use glue boards  and remove any and all snakes from your property for four consecutive days including weekends and holidays. Glue boards get a bad rap but are probably the safest trapping method and we can safely and humanely remove any snake with a little vegetable oil and they can be released  free and unharmed.

We offer monthly , and quarterly snake control maintenance programs . Call For Pricing?

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